Sunday, May 24, 2009


Last Saturday , May 23 . We went to Philippine General Hospital to give gifts, food and encouragement to pediatric and surgery patients. My friend Kcat who have tumors (NF2) also deaf, celebrate her birthday there, she's already in her wheelchair and half body dead, she's 26years old. Kcat is my angel , she helps me make Katrina website for our fundraising for Katrina's cochlear implant ( and as we give , my heart clenched , i want to cry for the children i see , I hugged the mothers for I know what they feel and said a little prayer. I can see their eyes with new hope when my friend speak eventhough it's hard for her to speak, encourage them that life moves on inspite of sickness. This is girl undergone so much surgery and still in wheelchair yet, she encourage people , I was amazed,inspired and humbled. I've been complaining of our life. Then, i see my little angel , boy Sabobo, his also deaf, but i already helped them to get a hearing aid. However, he have to be operated again and again for his eyes and clef. I see her mother smiled when we visited them with my friend Kcat , again they gave them hope.

I'm so blessed to have Kcat as my friend,She's an angel here on earth and I won't stop to be a blessing to other people, even for a moment.

Katrina is improving every day, and I know one day she will be talking just like any other kids, she will be my testimony to others that God made miracles....

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