Saturday, June 6, 2009

Whisper in my ears

I told Katrina to whisper in my ears, play pretend she moves close to me as if saying something, no clear words yet ,bababa and mamama.

After Practicing the Ling sounds , 6 syllables to check if her implant is doing well, while she is whispering in my ears, i give words to what she is saying , i whisper back to her ear (processor) . I said, tell God you want to study now, that you will enter school on Monday, and continue in words and signing of writing , then i read stories to her using my older son language book...

Pretending that she is just like any of my siblings, not looking now but what will happen next. FAITH,,,believing in things you cannot see nor touch. Hold on to it as if it is your last breath. I say, PROVE to me once more that you are always be faithful,,,

What more can i do , but to wait and wait until it happens and it will definitely will happen!That she is no different to all of them, normal hearing child...

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