Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Good and bad news

For months I've been waiting for it to open,,the agbell assistance, and now its open and we are not qualified..because I'm from other county with no insurance and no free of anything. This morning I'm so happy to hear my Katrina says, hi , fish, banana, because i stopped her therapy for 2 months now, and doing all by myself, and I'm proud of her. Happy then sad,I'm tired of begging, I'm tired of feeling sorry for myself. A place where we count AV schools in 5 fingers and almost no therapist at all. When I read some of the websites of what they have, I'm dying of envy and how I wish I'm there, oh if they only knew how hard it is for somebody when you all choose to have wants best for your children within your reach. My heart cries,,,I'm just happy to see that I have my computer to access all the links. I just remind myself to count my blessings,and be happy that she is already implanted one ear, even my blood came out just for her to have it, to raise for it , to beg for it. And it's never ending a long journey for me and her. It's harder because we are lacking in our resources, but i know we will surpass this, she will talk one day . I will post the videos, just like the time I am asking for help for her cochlear implant. WE will make it through this, I know! For God is there for us!

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