Wednesday, May 20, 2009

I will bless somebody in times of my hardship

I'm tired of never ending begging, never ending asking for help, yet I remember that My Father in heaven have more than enough..I just need to wait and Praise Him while waiting and Praise Him during the hard times. rejections after rejections. I don't want to work to leave them inorder to pay for the therapist so my flee continues. Then, i received a text from a friend, the friend I helped few months ago, her child is much worse than Katrina because he is also deaf and have eye problem that needs to be operated for so many times and their indigent people that only rely on Philippine General Hospital charity, my heart cries for them more, I went to visit them last 2 weeks ago, i thought the child was already operated because it have been rescheduled for so many times , to the extent her Philippine Charity Sweepstakes Organization endorsement already expired, sad to say it still rescheduled again and again, why ? only one thing, they need things connected to money. It will be easier if they are not in Charity, they need plasma ,doctors etc etc etc. And through that God showed me we are more blessed, and we need to bless this people even in prayers,encouragement and whatever i can do for them . And I said to myself, I will bless them, so they will feels God's love in their times of hardship.
- Katrina's mom

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