Friday, April 23, 2010

Grace, I asked of thee

Every mapping, therapy, every meeting with doctors, i went home with tears...I'm so guilty.. i didn't do things right, maybe I give up in some ways , somewhere from one year and 8 months, i did something wrong...

Katrina haven't utter any words, suppossedly she is talking now, i've seen her bacthmates same hearing age now talking... It's been one year and 8 months now after her implant.

I feel so bad, frustrated..and trace back what happened,,i want to explain myself to everybody including myself, her therapy is on and off, so does wearing of her processor,i have to attend to my other kids who are demanding my attention, i told myself, i have other kids too and they also need me.OTHER household concerns.etc etc

I need to start again, i have "catching up todo" , she is far far behind her age, also with her hearing age.. i want to shout..i want to cry for help, help me to forgive myself, to forget the things i have done or not done, it's so overwhelming..and i'm panicking, time is ticking.

I pray for grace, to get me get through with this...there is a dead line for her spoken language

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