Thursday, April 29, 2010


Last April 27 is my birthday, i usually do some assessing , this time i didn't do it, for I know everyday is a new day with God, I don't suppose to feel guilty of the things I haven't done,letting go and forgiving is already given to us,I look back to my last blogs, full of confusion, guilt and worries,,,and yesterday after our care group(bible study) I was AWAKEN, i shouldn't feel those things for i am insulting the Lord..religious? well, better be than proud and miserable.Counting my if i'm an actress with a long celebration with different people,,blessed ,blessed, blessed .

Since April 13 Katrina started her therapy with a new school (old as well as new) she's been there before, we didn't continue in St. Francis because it's so far located in Quezon city, with everyday session, long hours of travel, bigger expenses, and my husband and I decided to enroll her here in Bf Pque instead..Father Gualandi school for hearing impaired children,,i schedule her therapy with Faith only..3x a week so calculate it in your mind to how much will it cost us in a week and so faith because i don't know where to get our payments for it,,truly God is faithful, after I enrolled her a day before she starts somebody gave her for a 6 sessions, before it is finished somebody again gave her 10 sessions, then my birthday gift another 4 sessions..truly God is just telling me , He will be in control. Last March and early week of April I'm busy with DSWD i'm applying for her scholarship..the letter is with the school already, we are just waiting for the result, but I'm confident it is positive.

Katrina is starting again with A E I O U sound, if she can identify it and say it using her audio or through listening only, at first she's having a hard time..but in God's time I know that she will talk just like any other kid..

Now, I'm just grateful to God for using the people around us, and I'm so happy I met them all.Truly , I can say it's worth celebrating my life.

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