Saturday, February 28, 2009

Teacher Mom

Whew, after the implant, the most crucial part is the rehabilitation and speech therapy ,,,, for almost 4 years of Katrina's life she haven't hear any sound so now slowly, we are introducing her to the noise of the world,,,,for almost 4 months we travel from Las Pinas to Quezon City just to have one hour speech therapy session...commute , we don't have car, I'm so happy that for the first month she already say mama, papa and recognize her name...simply simply words but enough for me, for now. Next week, we will end the speech therapy , Katrina was sponsored for 50 free sessions (praise the Lord) , we only have 6 sessions left,,,then finished. It costs a lot, i won't say figures...I sit and think , what's next. I dont want to work again, to leave them again to a nanny...I research again , and realized I might do it by myself (with the help of the God)..I asked my fellow parents abroad to how will i start, attend seminar but the truth is I'm afraid, i know my weakness and that is PATIENCE plus the atmosphere of the house and my 2 older kids , Can I do it? i already ask her therapist how.Please pray for me,,,i really want my daughter to talk just like other hearing kids Teacher Mom , speech therapist? good luck to me

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