Sunday, March 11, 2018

Almost a Teenager

At long last , I can write here again , excited to tell about Katrina's development,she can now tell stories, slowly but clearly. She now says Oh my gosh, yeah right, ok She have her self esteem.
So many stories to tell,but One thing I want to tell everyone, never give up on your child and you are not alone

Sunday, October 2, 2016


Mommy Karen is selling teddy bears again for the maintenance of my processor (hearing aid) , speech therapy, hearing test and mapping,,, Please help ,,thank you ,It is very timely for christmas season,,you have a gift at the same time you helped someone,

Monday, May 2, 2016


As we continue our Journey,,,Me and Katrina still knocking at the heart of people,to continue her school and therapy,,me, Mommy Karen is the one fully providing for Katrina's school. She had a sponsor but already ended more than 6 months before the school year ended,,I hope we can still find a good sponsor and foundation,,I know God will never leave us nor forsake us for this, he will give the provision,,

Saturday, March 19, 2016


At long last,,after 8 years and after going back to one,,,she stops using her processor for 2 years ,she used sign language and 2014 we start from zero at the age of 9 years old,,i remember last year how much i cried when I saw her batchmate implantee talking straight.But ,I focus on positive and keep on moving ,i continue her speech therapy and push to the right school,,the teachers and sisters in Joseph Gualandi is very patient to teach her,, I looked back of all the challenges ,,i only learn one thing ,,that once you stumble you have to get up and move on ,,toward your goal,,never listen to negative thoughts,, As I am watching her giving her graduation speech,,i cant help but to feel proud of her and myself,,all my struggles are having fruits,,Thank God for the strength and the grace,,and the miracle of hearing and her cochlear implant,,,

Sunday, November 15, 2015


The desire of my heart is really to help and start a small support group for the parents of hearing impaired children,ever since , I have experience what have i been through with Katrina. Here in South Area,during Katrina's early age,,i have joined a group name Parent council for the welfare of Hearing Impaired Children, but its in QC. We are hoping to have our own group here in the south area,,and the vision is big ,,international i hope,,BY THE GRACE OF GOD,, So, if you happen to know someone who can help us ,,everything start small so, we will start in small groups first,,


I know i am not consistently writing,,,but God remind me my mission , and touch my heart once again,,,Everything has a reason,,We have put in a condition and circumstances because there is a purpose,, And now, slowly ,its getting clearer to me once again,Why is my title revival and awakening? Revival - because i already started this blog and encouragement to other parents , im just reviving it,, Awakening - the realization i felt since last Saturday is an Awakening for me to continue the race I started I stopped writing because its like a roller coaster of my emotions,,NOW,,focus on one vision,,to continue to write about my journey with my child,, and in anyways i can reach out other parents who have the same condition,and encourage them. 'YOU ARE NOT ALONE' campaign ,,is to tell the people who have children that are deaf that they are not alone in this journey, and there are also other mother who are going through with it,and teach them how to cope up and to have support during struggles. Just to know that someone can relate to you is a big help,, little by little you will know more and if anybody want to reach me,,,just comment here :)