Saturday, March 19, 2016


At long last,,after 8 years and after going back to one,,,she stops using her processor for 2 years ,she used sign language and 2014 we start from zero at the age of 9 years old,,i remember last year how much i cried when I saw her batchmate implantee talking straight.But ,I focus on positive and keep on moving ,i continue her speech therapy and push to the right school,,the teachers and sisters in Joseph Gualandi is very patient to teach her,, I looked back of all the challenges ,,i only learn one thing ,,that once you stumble you have to get up and move on ,,toward your goal,,never listen to negative thoughts,, As I am watching her giving her graduation speech,,i cant help but to feel proud of her and myself,,all my struggles are having fruits,,Thank God for the strength and the grace,,and the miracle of hearing and her cochlear implant,,,

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