Sunday, November 15, 2015


I know i am not consistently writing,,,but God remind me my mission , and touch my heart once again,,,Everything has a reason,,We have put in a condition and circumstances because there is a purpose,, And now, slowly ,its getting clearer to me once again,Why is my title revival and awakening? Revival - because i already started this blog and encouragement to other parents , im just reviving it,, Awakening - the realization i felt since last Saturday is an Awakening for me to continue the race I started I stopped writing because its like a roller coaster of my emotions,,NOW,,focus on one vision,,to continue to write about my journey with my child,, and in anyways i can reach out other parents who have the same condition,and encourage them. 'YOU ARE NOT ALONE' campaign ,,is to tell the people who have children that are deaf that they are not alone in this journey, and there are also other mother who are going through with it,and teach them how to cope up and to have support during struggles. Just to know that someone can relate to you is a big help,, little by little you will know more and if anybody want to reach me,,,just comment here :)

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