Saturday, March 21, 2015


After 2 years , Im here again,,,this time I cannot sleep and keep on crying,,KATRINA is now 9 years old and 9 months,,,and her level in school is Nursery 1 again,,,starting from scratch again. When she started to wear her processor again around August - December 2014, I decided I will put her back to oral school,,and let go of sign language,,so much struggle,,my daugthers life is based on all my decisions,,and it is killing me now,, All the wasted time , ,,,all the wrong decision,,all because of FINANCIAL CONSTRAINT..I cannot move without money.. I attended her recognition yesterday and saw all my her old classmates from St.Francis as well as in Gualandi,,they are now graduates and reading and talking loudly,,Im not comparing but I told myself,,where did I go wrong,,and when she was recognized best in math and creative,,but in level of a new student which is level 1...and she is 9 years old and 9 months now,,AT NURSERY ONE,, I didnt thought about it when i was begging the Directress to accept her to school because she went to sign language already for 2 years in a row,,but yesterday,Its like a time bomb..she will be a teenager soon and still be in PRE SCHOOL??? OK HERE IS HER HISTORY..and if you read back my blogspot you will know why this happens,, September 2008 - Implanted November 2008 - Activated Nov 2008- April 2009 - St. Francis VSA one on one May 2009 - Dec 2009 Pgh speech therapy Communicare speech therapy Perpetual speech therapy Jan - May 2010 Father Gaualandi one on one June 2010 - March 2011 Wishbone kiddie Camp one on one SPED SIDE BY SIDE Communicare speech therapy June 2011 - November 2011 Wishbone kiddie Camp ,,but Katrina donot want to go to school anymore, she donot want to put her processor,throw it and broke it, she gave up school and I gave up as well.I left her alone on that school year, she goes by herself that time, I was already working and the devil baby sitter need to stay with her Kuya Justin. I cannot afford another baby sitter .So , she stopped school as well stopped wearing her processor,, I gave up!!!! Jan - May 2012 I decided to put her in sign language class she was 7 years old that time,,she donot want to wear her processor and its already broken,,without it she cannot hear nor she can have a speech therapy,,and Im so tired,,all I want is to talk with my daugther, June 2012 - 2013 We are now in signing,,I just closed my door to all my CI Friends, teachers, doctors,, May 2013 - Wishbone Kiddie camp have a new teacher , this time for Deaf Children only,,so because it is nearer I transferred her AGAIN,,it is SIGNING WITH SPEECH,better,,and they help me encourage Katrina to wear her processor again even it is not functioning, just to feel it again,,and later on , she was encourage to hear again,,that time I went to Med El to repair it,,and they loan me a good one. I prayed to God to please let me continue what we started ,,I pray to God for her to be accepted to her first school that is right for her ,,The Father Gualandi,,It is near our house, and she knew all the sisters there since she is 18 months old. We bought her first hearing aid in Gualandi.I jumped closed eyes,,enrolled her and by faith I will have the provisions,,And truly GOD IS FAITHFUL,, and SO MUCH MORE,, Sister Clarisse is very generous to accept her again but because of her signing she have to return to zero,,i ACCEPTED..and again the processor that is under repair ,,already fixed,,and it costs alot for ME,,and i pray again ,,GOD HELP me,,and trully God sent an angel ,,he gave more than what Im asking,,God gave UPGRADE ,,better than the old fixed processor,,more refine and modern,, OKEY BACK TO SCHOOL,,,AGAIN,,I will press on and wait for miracles,,,for KATRINA to be accelerated,,,I cannot imagine at the age of 15 years old ,,she is only GRADE ONE.. I ONLY HAVE ONE FATHER,,,MY BIOLOGICAL FATHER DIED WHEN I WAS 13 YEARS OLD..ALL THROUGH OUT THE YEARS,,I ONLY HAVE ONE FATHER AND THAT IS MY LORD MY GOD, MY JEHOVAH, MY EL SHADDAI,, I hope , Katrina's wasted time, wasted years and wasted money will see me through somehow,,,

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