Saturday, October 13, 2012


For  all the things I have done , just to give her the implant, for all the people who lend a hand just to hear her talk...

I feel like dying, I gave up ,,November 1,2011 Katrina stopped wearing her processor (hearing aid) ,she do not want to wear it was broken for a while but after fixing it, she don't want to wear it anymore..

from one school to the other, from one therapy center to countless therapy teachers and center..
waste of time and waste of money..

Then, I decided,,,,what should i do for the time being , what is needed  , BASIC COMMUNICATION.. without her device..and a very long hard road for her to speak up..SIGNING!!! I do not care what  people will say, as long as i can understand my child, as long as she is happy with her long as  she can understand us.

I STILL DO NOT REGRET I had her implanted, she will still use it someday...but God knows how struggle it is with me to end this way..

This is not the goal,,but what is HER goal, What will make HER happy,,one day she will be big enough to decide on her own,,at least it's already there inside of her.


Miss Kat's Parents said...

I'm so sorry that she won't wear her implant. I wish things had gone differently for you. I remember when we both were going to go to John Tracy Clinic and we were going to split the cost of a room....I know that you have tried so hard to make the right decisions for your Katrina. I am glad that she will be able to communicate. I just wish you had gotten the services she needed. I hope everything turns out ok.

katrinahears said...

thank you Melissa.all i can do is lift it up to the Lord,my greatest enemy is myself so much guilt that i did not give my best,

I stopped reading cicircle for it just bring more tears in my eyes.

Katrina's mom

Miss Kat's Parents said...

If you want to talk about it, you can email me at

I would love to be there to support y9ou.