Friday, October 1, 2010


I just met a mom in sm southmall , just like Katrina she also wears cochlear implant but different brand, we speak the same language, asking same questions, feel the same frustrations.

She said one word that struck me "Kung alam ko lang na ganito kahirap hindi ko na sana pina implant ang anak ko"( If i only knew how hard it is, i wish i didn't gave her implant) .

Even though, I been in all trials before, during and after her implantation , i will never said this words..I will never regret i gave her a cochlear implant. Hearing the world is a connection to people, we will all go into process and process hurts and hard but we will pass this, we will move on, inspite the circumstances I will still praise God, and continue to proclaim she is healed.

Cochlear implant is a gift from God, with the help of all His angels, it is a tool for my child to hear and speak, and I know miracle will happen,,,i will press on,,,,without any regrets

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