Wednesday, May 26, 2010


People sometimes think that language is just about conversation but it's more than that. It's how children learn about the world.Without the ability to understand speech, Katrina can't understand the concept of danger, so how can i keep her safe?
She has to be shown everything. I have to demonstrate every possible danger instead of being able to tell her. Sometimes I feel like I'm swimming across the ocean. I can't tell you how many close calls there have been. Climbing too high and wanting to jump,wandering away,walking up to growling dogs. She didn't know to be afraid.

Those are only part of my worries. Most of the time , I worry about the obvious things. Whether she'll be able to talk normally, go to school, make friends, be accepted. It's not exactly what I imagined raising a child would be like.

We have to understand..Katrina works so hard everyday. While other kids can play outside,she has to sit in a chair, staring at picture books, trying to figure out the world. It takes her hours to learn what other kids can grasp in minutes.

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