Saturday, August 2, 2008


Dear Friends and Relatives,

This is just to update you all with the developments, we have scheduled Katrina's operation by September 26, 2008, this is to give us ample time in taking care of the Doctors, Cochlear Implant unit and Hospital for Katrina. Also this will this still give us time to continue to generate funds for Katrina.

We want you to know that we are very thankful for all the help we are receiving right now, this is with all your help whether in kinds and most specially in prayers. But this is not the end of Katrina's journey, for some they might think that after the operation that she could hear immediately. Its not that simple, the insertion of the implant is only the start of Katrina's journey for her to hear. After recovery, she will began her speech therapy, and this will be the basis for Katrina's capabilities to hear and speak.

For us this will be the critical part for Katrina and she will need 100 percent support from my wife Karen. She will be full time in taking care of Katrina. Her therapy won't end in school, this will continue even at home.

For now, we are still praying for a successful operation. For those who are constantly awaiting and following any development of Katrina we thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

We are all eager to hear what will be Katrina's first word would be.

Again thank you from the bottom of our heart and God bless.

John and Karen Rambongga

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